Enriches your CV/Portfolio using 30+ data sources

Krawl automatically finds relevant data about your previous companies/universities, analyzes your public community profiles and highlights the important parts to the recruiter.

Let the jobs come to you

No need to spend hours to seeking right jobs and adapting CV/cover letter. Focus on building instead of hacking the recruitment process

Evaluates work history and educational background

There is a great number of companies and schools but it is hard to know their quality. Krawl uses public and private data sources to find useful data about 7m+ companies and 5k+ schools worldwide.

Analyzes public profiles

If you have Github, Stackoverflow, GooglePlay Developer Account and so forth, it is great! Krawl highlights the languages, libraries, coding styles and so on, as well as with other living products you built!

Crawls all the job opennings

Finds and analyzes job opennings with the help of NLP. Matches you with overfitting jobs and handles HR process for you! Even if you are not actively looking for. Passive job seekers are always welcomed.